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Discover the new generation of growlights, LED only, efficiency, harvest, energy saving

Heat radiation

All the products of the STL H Growlight line radiate heat from the front, instead of dispersing it from the back, giving the crop around 3-4°C. International patent of LuxLED.

Silicone optics

The STL H GROWLIGHT line is equipped with ultraclear silicone optics, to direct the light only where it is needed and concentrate it on cultivation, without wasting energy.

European project

STL H GROWLIGHT, a European project, the result of experiences in the engineering of LEDs and studies in the field of horticulture, great collaborations between Italy, Germany and Poland.


Many combinations with the STL H1 and H3 projectors and with the new ECOBAR bar to light up your greenhouse without wasting energy and with excellent harvest results.

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About us

LUXLED is a company specialized in the production of LED fixtures for industrial lighting and professional projectors for sports and horticulture. LUXLED has its roots in companies and people who have lived through the history of LEDs; in technicians who boast 40 years of experience during which they have marked significant milestones in the evolution of this technology.

The future of horticultural lighting

The fourth generation of Growlight lamps for horticulture is not only LED and electronics but also thermodynamics and optics of light. In LED luminaires, with traditional technology, the front is simply made of glass or plastic and the light is diffused throughout the room.

In LUXLED technology, LED for horticulture, there is no glass but aluminum and silicone optics. Aluminum front, to better dissipate the heat produced by the LEDs and to recover it, radiating it on the crops. All of this is the future of horticultural lighting.

OPTICS to concentrate light only where it is needed for plant growth. SILICONE, because it is a more transparent material than glass and it is also the best protection against dust and water, in fact the STL case resists immersion and high pressure water jets (IP68/IP69K). The SILICONE OPTICS, in addition to improving uniformity and concentrating the light only on the crop, saving a lot of energy compared to conventional LED fixtures, reduce the angle of penetration of light into the foliage, making photosynthesis more efficient. In fact, there are four optics that we have made available for our horticulture projectors, each of which is suitable for particular crops, from cannabis, to tomatoes, flowers and herbs.

From project to harvest

from consultancy to lighting design, from supply to installation

Area supervision

Where possible we prefer to make an inspection and view the greenhouse. Here the dimensional and orientation measurements are made

Lighting project

All the data collected is entered into the lighting design, with absolutely truthful theoretical results

Delivery and guarantee

Delivery on time, accurate and precise installation (where required), consultancy and collaboration with your team of electricians and a guarantee starting from 5 years on the entire appliance.

STL H Growlight optimized for durability and efficiency


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