1) 10 YEARS

10 years warranty or 50.000 working hours! It’s not just a slogan, but the logical consequence of all the following features.


2) High efficiency with

High efficiency with silicone optics! Since they focus the 100% of light energy just on plants, especially where the flowers and fruits are formed and in areas where sunlight does not penetrate.


3) with irradiation towards culture

Heat dissipation with irradiation towards culture; unlike all other LED lamps the STL Growlight products dissipate most of the heat from the front, in aluminium, with a benefit on plants similar to that of HPS lamps.

STL GROWLIGHT con dissipazione frontale ideale per uso CANNABIS OUTDOOR

4) separated from the lamp body

External driver, separated from the lamp body to avoid thermal interference. In devices where the driver is placed inside the lamp body the driver temperature is higher, of 30-35 °C, that that of external one; in this way the life of electrolytic capacitors, that constitute the most critical component of the drivers, decreases of 6/8 times than that of a driver externally located.

STLGROWLIGHT per pomodoro

5) Body lamp constitute just of

Body lamp constitute just of aluminium, silicone and stainless-steel screw, totally free of plastic parts which, notoriously, are less resistant than metals and silicones and they are less prone to yellowing and loss of transparency.


6) sizes

Compact size, just 4,35cm2/W to reduce shadow effect and thermal stress. Thermal stresses in linear lamps are the main cause of seal breakage and the consequent reduction of IP grade. That’s because the difference of dilation, between the aluminium case and the front in PMMA or polycarbonate, in a lamp of 150 cm easily surpasses 3mm and this stress occurs at each ignition and extinction.

STL GROWLIGHT dimensioni compatte per installazione serra

7) Lamp body resistant to immersion

Lamp body resistant to immersion, deep and prolonged and also high-pressure water and steam jets, used for sanitising.

8) Use of components

Use of top-quality components: NICHIA for white LEDs, OSRAM for HyperRED; Meanwell for drivers.

nichia osram meanwell

9) Ease

Ease of installation: lamps, drivers and electrical connections driver and electrical connections are preassembled on aluminium bar, specially designed for mounting in greenhouses easily adaptable to all situations. The bars are positioned above the structures used for the cultivation, without interfering with these ones and up to 48 devices can be connected in series with plugs and sockets according to IEC/EN/60309-1-2 that, we remember, are the only recognised nationally and internationally for electricity distribution networks.

10) light pollution

Extremely low light pollution; thanks to silicone optics and to cells that make up the aluminium front, the light emitted by STL Growlight is totally directed down, with an angle of less than ± 45°, this reduces light pollution compared to HPS lamps and traditional LEDs, up to 90%.