Cannabis, white flower phenomenon

The presence of white buds is a relatively new issue in cannabis cultivation, however there are various publications about it such as that of Royal Qeen.

First of all, white buds should not be confused with albino flowers, which are of exclusively genetic origin, nor should they be confused with the problems of decolarization of the flower caused by thermal stress which normally also causes the leaves to turn yellow.

The white buds we are talking about only affect the apex of the flower and are caused by a high amount of trichomes, present throughout the plant, but, above all, in the flower and in particular on the top of this.

It has been known for some time that the quantity of trichomes determines the quality and also the quantity of the harvest and it is now proven that to reach the maximum quality and quantity, 20-30% of the flowers must have white buds at the 7-8th week.

In these conditions it is not difficult, in an indoor environment, to reach productions of 800 gr / m2 and yields of 3 gr / W, however, to reach these values it is necessary to have a very high knowledge of cultivation and obviously very high lamps.

We therefore need these particular 8 elements:

1) Particular types of lamps

2) Particular spectra

3) Particular optics

4) Particular positions of the lamps

5) Variable power cycle of the lamps

6) Suitable fertilizers

7) Tables of suitable shape and size

8) Density, pruning and shape of plants