Cannafair 22 Düsseldorf

We are off again !!! Yesìììììì! But instead of going back to the office we are in Düsseldorf for a new Cannabis world fair.

This fair represents (we hope) the greatest widespread use, both medical and recreational, of this multifaceted plant. This is also and above all because we are in Germany.

Germany could indeed become the world hub for legal cannabis.

The government is finalizing a proposal to allow recreational use. And that could trigger a ripple effect in the rest of Europe as well.

Olaf Scholz’s government, made up of Social Democrats, Greens and Liberals, is working on a bill that is expected to be tabled by the autumn. And that could open the door to an annual income for the state of almost 5 billion euros. But beyond the purely German implications, the possible legalization of soft drugs for recreational (as well as medical) use in the most populous and richest European country could trigger a ripple effect in the rest of the EU as well.

“The largest European economy joining Canada and California in legalizing cannabis for recreational use could create momentum to change the United Nations convention restricting the cultivation of marijuana and also put pressure on neighboring European states to follow suit. of Germany “, writes the Guardian.

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