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We want to share a photo that a customer sent us. This is a test carried out on two vases of geraniums, of identical life and species. The one on the right grew in a greenhouse with ambient light only,…

ECOBAR: the new product


EcoBar is the result of 3 years of research aimed at identifying the best product for growing vegetables and flowers in greenhouses with artificial light.Remarkable results had already been achieved with the STL H3 series, whose characteristics (silicone optics, aluminum…


ILLUMIAZIONE A LED per floricoltura

All the competitors offer important Wattages (400-600W) for vegetative growth and flowering in the floriculture field but, experiences in hand, with the right spectrum and an excellent quality of LED LIGHTING, surprising results are obtained even with only 145W and…

Cannabis, white flower phenomenon


The presence of white buds is a relatively new issue in cannabis cultivation, however there are various publications about it such as that of Royal Qeen. First of all, white buds should not be confused with albino flowers, which are…

Which micromoles?

Which micromoles

In tomato cultivation, but let’s say also in all crops with artificial light, total or partial, what makes tomatoes grow are not the micromoles of the lamps but those that the plant receives. If narrow optics are not used, the…

Why use asymmetrical optics when growing tomatoes?

asymmetrik optics

Why asymmetrical optics in tomato cultivation? We know that tomatoes (and with them many other crops) are grown in rows, equidistant from each other and with precise provisions to facilitate their cultivation, maintenance and harvest. In winter crops, even at…

The importance of a full spectrum

the importance of a full spectrum

Micromoles are like tomatoes. It was a joke but … let’s continue. In fact, tomatoes all look the same but when you taste them you understand the differences. Even the micromoles are not all the same; if you use 90-95%…

Cooperation with Canamedics Labs

Collaboration with CANAMEDICS LABS

LuxLED has been chosen for an important test for the professional cultivation of medical cannabis. Our products were then supplied to CANAMEDICS LABS, Barcelona (Spain). We will keep you updated on the results!!

Greenhouse Tomatoes Poland

tomatoes greenhouse

Fantastic achievement in Poland! A greenhouse for tomato cultivation, 1.2 Ha, 3.200 appliances STL H GROWLIGHT STLH3-S06. Mounting on equipped bars, complete with wiring and power supplies. Heartfelt thanks to our Polish partners, BT Sport, you have been great! We…

Collaboration with HNT

Collaboration with horizon nutri tech

The collaboration with HNT (Horizon Nutri-Tech)was born from the common passion for the cultivation of medical cannabis. HORIZON NUTRI-TECH is a line of high quality fertilizers, where every detail is not left to chance, from the specific needs of the…