This product is the dream of all growers, especially with energy costs constantly rising: the possibility of DIMMING, i.e. reducing the power of the lamps when there is good natural light in the greenhouse.

Even when the daily cycle begins and the plants need very little to “wake up” and open their stomata.

Another dream is to be able to have a SPECTRUM that can vary depending on environmental conditions.

We have proposed three different SPECTRUMS, SUNRISE SPECTRUM, MORNING & EVENING SPECTRUM and SUNNY DAY SPECTRUM. Discover them in the section dedicated to this product.

EcoBar PLUS is suitable for all professional ROW greenhouse cultivations, easy to install, very efficient.

In all EcoBar luminaires, including EcoBar PLUS, the LEDs are not protected by glass or plastic because these reduce thermal dissipation and waste 9-10% of light energy. IP65 protection is obtained with a polyurethane and polyacrylate copolymer paint film polymerized in a UV oven. The result is better thermal dissipation; no loss of light and total protection against shock, humidity, condensation, corrosion and electro-corrosion.