Importance of the heatsink

In TOP compact LED there are hundreds of LED in very little space and it becomes difficult to dissipate the heat; if then the front of the luminaire is closed by glass or plastic material, dissipation is even more problematic and worsen if there are also lenses.

In the EcoBar solution the LED are very distant from each other; there is neither glass nor plastic; the dissipation surface, in contact with the air, is very large and the radiation occurs in alla directions, therefore heat dissipation is greatly facilitated.

The table belwo shows the temperature values and brightness loss of various kind of luminaries in the category TOP compact LED.

LuminarieHeat sink temperature after 30 minutes (Ta 23°C)Brightness loss compared with a heatsink measurement at 25°C
EcoBar (full spectrum) 35-37°C1,5%
TOP LED without front58-59°C4%
TOP LED with glass68-70°C6,5%
TOP LED with glass and optics73-75°C7%

As could be understood, the heat dissipation in the EcoBars is considerably better.