All the competitors offer important Wattages (400-600W) for vegetative growth and flowering in the floriculture field but, experiences in hand, with the right spectrum and an excellent quality of LED LIGHTING, surprising results are obtained even with only 145W and even less… .. Such an important gap scares many growers and it is the same thing that happened to the company where we supplied chrysanthemum growing lamps (2 hectares) but it was a pleasant scare. They went from 600W of HPS lamps to 145W of LED lamps, with 1 to 1 replacement. The result? Excellent, both in terms of yield and energy consumption.

For “skeptical” growers we offer test packages so that they really try and compare our products with others or even with the “old” HPS.

Write to info@luxled.it and request a test package.

In the image, one of the types of chrysanthemums made by our customer, the “santino”, a sober, elegant green grysanthemum with a very long pot life!