EcoBar and STL H GROWLIGHT for tomato cultivation

Our technology at the service of growers for a winter tomato rich in flavor and nutritional properties


EcoBar series

EcoBar, perfect for tomato too!!

The new EcoBar line is a concentrate of continuous light on the row, full spectrum, lightweight and with excellent value for money!


The distribution of EcoBar LEDs gives a uniformity of light, along the row, of 99% against 75-80% of HPS lamps and TOP compact LEDs with optics and 60-65% of TOP compact LEDs without optics.


The main feature of EcoBar remains the distribution of light and its location in the center of the rows, a short distance from the tops of the plants.


In greenhouses with beams spaced 5 m and rows every 1.6 m the average PPFD is 200 µmol/s·m² and over 250 µmol/s·m² on the tops of the plants.


EcoBar series

EcoBar PLUS, maximum efficiency in row crops!

Dimmer and VARIABLE spectrum

The dream of every grower, DIMMING and changing SPECTRUM, discover the product!!

Three spectrums

SPECTRUM SUNRISE, FULL SPECTRUM and SUNNY DAY SPECTRUM. With EcoBar Plus you can’t go wrong and above all you can decide when and which spectrum to set.

Dimming ?

With EcoBar Plus you can decide whether to set a dimming (by 50%) thus obtaining further energy savings but without changing the continuity of light on the cultivation row.


Ease of use is always at the center of our thinking when we design a product. You will therefore be amazed at how easy it is to use EcoBar Plus and how many benefits it has.


STL H series

STL H, unlike EcoBar,  is an artificial LED lighting system, made up of a LED MODULE, DRIVER and SUPPORT STRUCTURE.
STL H Growlight: 6 great advantages
Thermal dissipation

The support structure, made up of an aluminum bar specially designed for greenhouses, contributes to the thermal dissipation of the LED module and the driver and this extends the life of both.

Shadow effect less than 5%

The narrow profile bar, the vertical driver and the small size of the LED module reproduce a shadow effect of less than 5%.


The heat sink of the LED module is perfectly flat and easily washable to avoid the formation of bacteria.

PPFD from 100 to 1500 µmol/m²

With a single device, simply by modifying its quality and therefore the interdistance on the bar, PPFDs from 100 to 1500 µmol/m² are obtained.

Simple electrical distribution in the greenhouse

The electrical connection is fixed to the bar and many bars can be connected, in series, making electrical distribution in the greenhouse easier.

Plug & play components and easy installation

All components are plug & play and therefore easy to replace. The bars, thanks to the special support, are installed in a few minutes, even with cultivation in progress and the height can be easily changed to optimize uniformity and efficiency.

STL H3-R06

STL H3-S06

STL H3-U06

These are the three abbreviations of the models suitable for tomato cultivation in greenhouses, below you will find the technical data, for more information send us a request or download the brochure.

STL H3-R06

  • Voltage: 230÷480 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Power: 208W
  • Red LED: 48 Osram Oslon Square
  • White LED: 48 Osram Oslon Square
  • Protection: IP67/IPK69
  • Case: aluminium /stainless steel

STL H3-S06

  • Voltage: 230÷480 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Power: 202W
  • Red LED: 56 Osram Oslon Square
  • White LED: 40 Osram Oslon Square
  • Protection: IP67/IPK69
  • Case: aluminium /stainless steel

STL H3-U06

spettro U, ottica ASIMMETRICA
  • Voltage: 230÷480 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Power: 196W
  • Red LED: 64 Osram Oslon Square
  • White LED: 32 Osram Oslon Square
  • Protection: IP67/IPK69
  • Case: aluminium /stainless steel

Spectrum for tomato

Our spectrums

For the cultivation of tomatoes we have studied three spectrums; all obtained by mixing HIPER RED and WHITE LED with a high BLUE content.

Spectrum R

R is the most balanced spectrum, with B-GY-R percentages of 11-33-56 respectively, and is recommended for crops with little natural light, located beyond the 55th parallel.

Spectrum S

S is an intermediate spectrum; with percentages 9-27-64; it is the most suitable in greenhouses with discreet natural light, located between the 45th and 55th parallel.

Spectrum U

U is the spectrum with the lowest level of BLUE-WHITE: 7 and 21% and the highest of HIPER RED: 72%, more suitable for crops where natural light is also important in winter, below the 45th parallel.








made in EUROPE

Professional greenhouses

Our bar system

Pre-wired aluminum supporting bars, quick to assemble even with cultivation in progress, allow you to easily vary the height to optimize uniformity and efficiency.

Asymmetrical optic

This optic has been specially designed for cultivation in narrow rows, typical of tomatoes. The double-wave light beam, slightly wider than 30°, concentrates 90% of energy in the medium-high part of the plants and is 20-25% more efficient than LED fixtures without optics or with wide beam optics .

Tomato greenhouse

Led lighting for tomato cultivation

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