STL H GROWLIGHT: our technology

Optical silicone lenses, aluminum body with IP69K protection, heat dissipation from the front this and more covered by international patent



STL H GROWLIGHT: a winning technology

TheSTL H GROWLIGHTline has been designed in every detail for use in cultivation in professional greenhouses.
Every detail is not an end in itself but has its own logic in the final performance of the projector.
The main objective was and is to provide a luminaire, with LED technology, suitable for cultivation, in particular in professional greenhouses, capable of optimizing energy consumption to the maximum .
By suitability for cultivation we mean able to compete, but above all improve, the productivity of old technology lamps with high pressure sodium (HPS).
In fact, we believe that our products are the BEST SOLUTION on the market for horticultural lighting .
Unfortunately, many competitors offer HYBRID solutions with poor results in terms of consumption, uniformity and maintenance.

ottiche in silicone

Silicone optics

For our optics we have chosen silicone, for its versatility, for its resistance to high temperatures but above all for its transparency. It is in fact even more transparent than glass and is also the best protection against dust and water. The STL H case is in fact resistant to immersion and high pressure water jets (IP69K). The silicone optics, in addition to improving uniformity and concentrating the light only on the crop, saving a lot of energy compared to conventional LED fixtures, reduce the angle of light penetration into the foliage, making photosynthesis more efficient.

Aluminum body

Fin dalla nascita gli apparecchi per illuminazione hanno sempre utilizzato il vetro. In alcuni prodotti il vetro è stato sostituito da materiale plastici ma questo ha solo peggiorato la situazione. Il calore, che nei LED è consistente, viene dissipato solo dalla parte posteriore dell’apparecchio. La grande innovazione di LuxLED è stata quella di sostituire il vetro e la plastica con l’alluminio e quindi sono i vantaggi:
La dissipazione del calore raddoppia
Polvere e sporco che con il tempo si depositano sul dissipatore, non influiscono sull’apparecchio STL H perché questo dissipa il calore soprattutto dal fronte.
– Gli sforzi termici, tipici dei prodotti con vetro e plastica e che sono la principale causa delle infiltrazioni di umidità sono eliminati.


IP69K protection
100% washable, real technology

As explained in the previous paragraphs, the use of SILICONE OPTICS and a totally ALUMINUM body, thanks also to our international patent, has made the front of our STL H GROWLIGHT fixtures completely washable, not only superficially but also by means of high pressure jets .
In fact, it is normal, in professional greenhouses, to disinfect the entire area at each crop change. The lamps of the old technology, but also the LED ones on the market, need to be covered or even disassembled. A long and onerous work, not necessary with our products.

Selected raw materials

The choice of raw materials and, in particular, of electronic components, is fundamental in the development and subsequent production of a quality product. Nothing is left to chance, each component is tested and tested. Our projectors have a label summarizing the mandatory data on the back. It contains the serial number, from which our production managers are able to trace each component inserted in the product.

electrical raw materials